Central Asia is extremely isolated geographically and culturally, but where vehicles and other accessibility are limited, satellite transmissions are able to carry the Gospel freely. Global Heart Ministries is working toward the day when every citizen has access to the Gospel through media and Bible-based teaching.

Satellite Broadcasting is our strategy to accomplish our vision of equipping the Church in Central Asia and Iran to be vibrant and strong by strategically and creatively spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Our two-prong strategy includes:

  • Train and equip indigenous pastors to build up a community of believers and carry the light of Christ to these lands.
  • Reach the lost with the Gospel of Christ through media including mass distribution of the preached word and heart worship music by satellite television, internet, smart phones, and distribution of CDs and DVDs.

In order to fulfill this strategy, Global Heart Ministries is focused in the following key areas:

  • Producing indigenous, Bible-based preaching and television programming for children and families and broadcasting those messages into their homes.
  • Joining with exceptional partners to dub outstanding Christian films and children’s programs using indigenous actors’ voices in the people’s own heart language. (Films such as: Jesus: the Miracle Maker, Fresh, More than Dreams: Ali, Dini, The Jesus Accounts, etc.)
  • Partnering with international ministries and individuals - Creating a network of trained production professionals to assist with our media outreach initiatives.