Global Heart Ministries creates Christ-centered satellite television programming in the heart languages of the people groups of the Middle East and Central Asia, featuring hosts from these regions. Our Pastor Training and multi-lingual websites advance the Gospel message through church planting and discipleship.

Over 95 million people live in "the Stans" of Central Asia, with the majority being desperate and hungry for hope. With astoundingly high unemployment and widespread corruption, crime and poverty, this region is plagued with extreme hardship and instability. Because of its complex history, the region is searching for national, cultural and spiritual identity. Dark and almost completely untouched by the Gospel, it is known for its religious persecution, predominately Muslim influence and banning of missionaries and the Bible. A spiritual battle is raging for the minds and souls of the next generation. There is an urgent call to reach them with the transforming truth of Jesus Christ and the hope that only He can provide.

According to the Joshua Project, Central Asia
is the most unreached region in the world today.

Satellite Broadcasting

  • Global Heart Ministries strategically targets Central Asia as well as Iran, Europe, Russia, China and parts of the Middle East. Programs are also dubbed into Russian to reach millions more throughout these regions.
  • Satellite broadcasting programs are transmitted into almost every home.

Original Programming

  • Global Heart Ministries funds and operates web sites in hidden locations. We provide online distribution of media for Central Asian people groups providing resources to local leaders and believers.
  • Our web sites are available in seven main cultural languages of Central Asia.
  • Visit our sites bringing truth to the nations:

Relational Evangelism

  • Through global media, Global Heart Ministries's extensive reach provides accessible content for Christians and local pastors to engage in relational evangelism.
  • Technology provided by smart phones and satellite television is one of the best evangelistic tools available.
  • Partnering to train over 100 Pastors across the region.